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May 14, 2014

Stanton Viking Center

Forms are now available online!

Stanton Viking Center
2014 Kids Club Summer Camp

Monday June 9th:

Day at the Viking Center. 8:30a-12p

  • We will have a variety of activities and exercises that will be held throughout the Viking Center. Some of the activities will include: Dodgeball, kickball, and a Viking Center scavenger hunt, just to name a few. The kids will get to experience the brand new facility, and all that we have to offer here at the Viking Center.
Monday June 16th:

Day at Viking Lake. (meet at Viking Lake) 8:30a-2p

  • Our day at the lake will consist of a nature hike, meeting with some of the Park Rangers, and some outdoor games.
Monday June 23rd:

Day at the Park (meet at Anderson Park). 11a-2p

  • Baseball and softball exercises will be among a few of the activities we will have the kids participate in. Be sure to bring your glove! We will also have a chance to enjoy the playground equipment. We will also get to take a hike on the walking trail.
Monday June 30th:

Day at the Pool (meet at the Viking Center at 12:30p). 1p-3p

  • We will take the kids over to Villisca for a fun day in the water!
Monday July 7th:

"Sporting" Stanton Day (meet at the Viking Center). 9a-1p

  • The "Sporting" Stanton day will be a day filled with all sports. The kids will get to enjoy time at the ball fields north of the school, and we will touch on a variety of outdoor sports (football, soccer, etc.). We will have some learning exercises, as well as games to include all kids in a fun sports filled day.

The objective of our Stanton Viking Center 2014 Kids Club Summer Camp is to promote healthy lifestyle choices, encouraged by balanced nutrition and of physical activity. All of our activities throughout this summer program will be an educational experience to help kids understand the importance of living a healthy life.

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